Court Time Rates at the LTC

The Area's Best Court Time Rates Are at the LTC!

Members may call up to one week in advance to reserve courts.  Hourly court time rates are divided evenly by the number of players using the court.  The LTC does not charge different court rates for singles and doubles play.

Court Time Rates

  • $34/hour

Permanent Court Time

  • $34/hour
  • Members who wish to reserve the same court on a weekly basis during our indoor tennis season may contract for permanent court time (PCT). PCT may not be cancelled, but may be put up for sale in the event that the group cannot use its PCT on a given week. The PCT season runs from September 1 through Mother's Day in May.  
  • Unlimited court time programs do not apply to permanent court times.
  • PCT Benefits:  
    • Your same court will be automatically reserved for you each week of the season.
    • Each PCT receives a new can of balls each week to use during play.

Junior Rate

  • $24/hour
  • Junior rate court time may be reserved no more than 72 hours in advance.  Parents playing with their children get the junior rate if the court is booked no more than 72 hours in advance and if both players are members.
  • Note:  Non-member juniors qualify for the junior rate plus applicable guest fees.

Guest Policy

  • Members are responsible for the payment of their guests, including applicable guest fees. Guests pay regular court time charges plus a guest fee for each visit.
Visits 1-6 $6 guest fee per visit
Subsequent Visits $12 guest fee per visit